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Our Mission is to provide an education that emphasizes high academic achievement for the whole child and addressing the social, emotional, and physical needs of students through a cooperative effort between staff, parents and the community.

Vision Statement

Our vision, as a community is to inspire a a passion for lifelong learning through innovative activities that promote critical thinking and problem solving in order to empower students to be productive citizens in changing global society.


About Our Institution

The Kingsley Lington Academy is a private school founded by a young Liberian youth activist, Mr. Sabato J. Neufville. Mr. Nuefville originally did not plan to establish a school but rather a youth center. However, after seeing a dozen of children from poor homes out of school and idling in the community, he decided to transform his plan from youth center to an academic institution which enhanced the academic activities for the kids to obtain their life skills. The school started as a youth center in 2008 with the primary objective of disabusing the minds of Liberian youth after the devastating civil war which destroyed and impacted all sectors of the country. Having begun the youth activism, Mr. Neufville saw that running a youth center in a community without a formal school for young Liberians could have undermined his aim of transforming the minds of the youthful population. This led him to opening the Kingsley Lington Academy in Cooper Farm, near the University of Liberia: the Nation’s highest institution of tertiary learning located in Fendall on the Monrovia-Kakata Highway. It is named in honor of Kingsley Lington Ighobor also known as Chief. He was the former head of community outreach unit of the United Nations Mission in Liberia Public Information Section. Mr. Ighobor selflessly served Liberia as a peace keeper who helped many young Liberians, thus, making Neufville seeing the need to have the Kingsley Lington Academy in his honor without his knowledge.

The school began in September 2008 with the aim of providing quality academic and vocational education to all. Mr. Neufville, seeing the needs in the midst of challenges of the Liberian economy, personally financed the construction of the school for the children which he ran for four years without parents paying fees.

About Our Institution

The school’s enrolment soared to three hundred initially in 2008. Our enrolment currently stands at 950 students; 480 females and 470 males. Also looking at the high unemployment rate in the country probably due to technical and vocational education, the school currently runs a vocational skills training program in order to empower her students upon graduation. However, to date, the institution has graduated over 200 students since its establishment from its regular academic program. Moreover, since its coming into being, we have sent three groups of senior high students to write the West African Senior School Certificate Examinations (WASSCE), an international exam that is being administered annually across West Africa. Interestingly, over 95% of our students made successful pass in those exams At present, the school has in her employ a total 65 staff. Of that number, we have 19 administrative and support staff while there are 46 persons serving as teaching staff. Interestingly, of the total number of staff, 18 are females while 47 are males. Regrettably, we are challenge with the extension of our service delivery to the students’ populace. Being situated in a growing community that has over thousands of school going kids whose parents are unable to pay school fees, and having limited facility to accommodate those kids, we are challenge with the payment of staff and the completion of a three storied building that is intended to host the laboratory and auditorium of the school. This project, when completed would cater to the growing needs of underprivileged parents and kids who are out of school as the result of lack of finance. It would also solve the growing needs of kids (most especially girls) dropping out of high school due to lack of finance that also results to the high increase in the number of teenage pregnancy (amongst girls) and drug users and addict (amongst the youth) in the community and nation at large. Additionally, the school has two acres of land that it intends to formally relocate the vocational school to so as to officially open it to the outside community. Moreover, portion of that land shall be used for the construction of a recreational center and a modern E – library.